OMB releases estimated timelines for EPA’s E15 rule, 2 RFS rules
Friday, October 19, 2018 7:11 AM

The Trump Administration has released estimated timelines for the development of three U.S. EPA rulemakings that pertain to the Renewable Fuel Standard and year-round E15 sales, including one that includes a “reset” of statutory blending targets.

Event encourages biofuels program development in Central America
Friday, October 19, 2018 7:09 AM

A recent seminar in Costa Rica planted seeds for further regional cooperation and biofuels policy development throughout Central America. Forty-eight attendees from Central America and the Dominican Republic attended the event.

Weighty Corn’s fiber separation process employed at Hungary plant
Friday, October 19, 2018 6:56 AM

Pannonia Bio Zrt, a 130 MMGY fuel ethanol plant, built and operated a pilot plant for Weighty Corn’s fiber separation process in Hungary for more than a year. Pannonia Bio Zrt is now implementing the process on a commercial scale.

Innovations in Biomass-Based Diesel
Friday, October 19, 2018 12:00 AM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Renewable diesel and supercritical biodiesel address corn oil’s high FFA content in different ways.

Into November and Welcoming Winter
Thursday, October 18, 2018 10:00 PM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Editor Lisa Gibson previews the magazine, including feature articles about technologies used for producing coproducts, plant expansions, current ethanol construction projects, and more.

Ace Ethanol begins construction of D3Max plant in Wisconsin
Thursday, October 18, 2018 6:12 AM

D3Max LLC and Ace Ethanol LLC have started construction of the first D3Max facility at Ace Ethanol’s facility in Stanley, Wisconsin. Ace Ethanol will be the first ethanol plant to integrate the patented D3Max corn kernel fiber-to-ethanol technology.

USGC: Exports of ethanol, DDGS up in marketing year 2017-‘18
Thursday, October 18, 2018 6:03 AM

The U.S. Grains Council has released final numbers for marketing year 2017-’18 exports. For the second year in a row, the U.S. has set a new record for exports of feed grains and coproducts, led by higher corn and ethanol shipments.

RFA adds Hamburg as director of government affairs
Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:58 AM

The Renewable Fuels Association has officially welcomed Connor Hamburg to its staff as the director of government affairs. In this role, Hamburg will focus on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the renewable fuel industry and rural America.

Sylvatex, Trucent announce scale up of MicroX technology
Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:52 AM

Sylvatex Inc. and Trucent recently announced successful scale up and blending of MicroX renewable blendstock from an optimized distillers corn oil (DCO) to free fatty acid (FFA) hydrolysis process.

Perfectly Planned
Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:09 AM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: With proper planning, expansions can go relatively smoothly. Without it, large, unforeseen obstacles can increase costs, delay startups and derail projects.

Improving Ethanol’s Outlook
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 10:21 PM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Fuel economy standards help make the case for midlevel ethanol blends.

House lawmakers ask EPA to stop issuing RFS waivers
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 6:34 AM

On Oct. 15, a group of 19 democratic members of Congress sent a letter to the U.S. EPA expressing concern over the Trump Administration’s widespread issuance of waivers to the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Cumberland Farms partners with Prime the Pump to sell E15
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 6:32 AM

Oct. 16, Growth Energy and Prime the Pump announced Cumberland Farms as the newest E15 retail partner to join the Prime the Pump program. Massachusetts-based Cumberland Farms will begin offering E15 at more than 120 of its stores.

Red-hued yeasts hold clues to producing isobutanol
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 6:30 AM

A red pigment called pulcherrimin, naturally produced by several strains of wild yeasts, is synthesized in part through the same biochemical pathway that researchers hope to use to improve production of isobutanol.

Concept to Construction
Wednesday, October 17, 2018 5:04 AM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: In the U.S. ethanol industry, three plants are under construction, while a fourth makes its way through the permitting process.

How Lessons from Business Can Help Canada’s Climate Agenda
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 10:00 PM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Canada's business sector can help the country realize its climate goals.

Argonne releases 2018 update to GREET model
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:22 AM

On Oct. 10, Argonne National Laboratory’s System Assessment Group released a 2018 update of its GREET Model, which is an analytical tool used to consider the life cycle of various transportation fuels.

RFA to offer free E15 webinar
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:21 AM

The Renewable Fuels Association has announced plans for a free webinar on Oct.. 23 to discuss the recent proposal that will allow for year-round consumer access to 15 percent ethanol (E15).

Feed grain buyers, suppliers will gather at Export Exchange 2018
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:20 AM

A cadre of international buyers and end-users of coarse grains and co-products from more than 35 countries are scheduled to arrive in Minneapolis next week for Export Exchange 2018.

Whose Customer Is It, Anyway?
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 5:18 AM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Rob Lamberty of the American Coalition for Ethanol writes his column this month about marketing in the ethanol industry.

Character, Friend, Genius
Monday, October 15, 2018 9:59 PM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Dennis Vander Griend, who passed away in July, is remembered as an extraordinary engineer, a unique character and a great friend.

Business Briefs
Saturday, October 13, 2018 5:16 AM

FROM THE NOVEMBER ISSUE: Two new account managers join Syngenta and Mascoma and NextFerm announce partnership.

New pump labels in EU provide clarity on biofuels content
Saturday, October 13, 2018 5:00 AM

The EU introduced a new, harmonized set of fuel labels Oct. 12 to give drivers better information on the suitability of fuels for their vehicles. The labels will help avoid misfueling and inform drivers, according to the European Commission.

DOT rescinds ECP brake system requirements for HHFUT rail cars
Saturday, October 13, 2018 4:59 AM

Recent action taken by the PHMSA and DOT has repealed a portion of a 2015 rulemaking that would have required certain trains carrying flammable liquids, including ethanol, to be equipped with electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems.

USGC: Ethanol summit sparks engagement on ethanol policy
Saturday, October 13, 2018 4:53 AM

The U.S. Grains Council hosted the first ever Ethanol Summit of the Americas in fall 2017, bringing together officials from more than 15 countries to discuss current and future opportunities for ethanol. The impact of the event is still paying off.

WASDE revises corn forecast down, maintains corn use for ethanol
Friday, October 12, 2018 4:16 AM

On Oct. 11, the USDA released the October edition of its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, reducing its 2018-’19 production forecast for corn, but maintaining its forecast for the volume of corn going to ethanol production.

Green Plains to sell 3 ethanol plants to Valero
Friday, October 12, 2018 4:14 AM

Green Plains Inc. announced Oct. 10 that it has entered into an asset purchase agreement with Valero Renewable Fuels Company LLC to sell three of its ethanol plants located in Lakota, Iowa; Bluffton, Indiana; and Riga, Michigan.

Casey’s unveils partnership with Prime the Pump
Friday, October 12, 2018 4:11 AM

Casey’s General Store has unveiled a partnership with Prime the Pump, a Growth Energy partner and nonprofit organization. Casey’s will expand its offering of E15 to potentially more than 500 of its locations over the next few years.

EIA maintains 2018, 2019 ethanol production forecasts
Thursday, October 11, 2018 6:23 AM

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has released the October edition of its Short-Term Energy Outlook, maintaining its September forecast for overall 2018 and 2019 ethanol production, but making slight changes to its 2019 quarterly forecast.

Novozymes launches Innova Lift yeast for starch-based ethanol
Thursday, October 11, 2018 6:19 AM

Novozymes has launched its next yeast technology, Innova Lift, for the starch-based ethanol industry. Innova Lift expresses a glucoamylase that is two times more effective at converting difficult-to-reach starch.

Dürr buys industrial environmental technology business of B&W
Thursday, October 11, 2018 6:18 AM

Dürr has completed the previously announced acquisition of the industrial environmental technology business of the U.S. company Babcock & Wilcox as of Oct. 5.

EPA expected to begin rulemaking process to allow year-round E15
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 5:15 AM

Supporters of the ethanol industry are speaking out to commend President Trump for his support of E15 and applaud news that the U.S. EPA is beginning a formal rulemaking process to allow year-round sales of E15.

USGC: Global trading partners recognize ethanol’s benefits
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 5:10 AM

Eleven markets have announced significantly expanded or completely new national ethanol policies in the last year—a momentous shift toward global ethanol adoption, according to the U.S. Grains Council.

A crucial gene controls stem juiciness in sorghum and beyond
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 5:07 AM

Researchers are working to understand how the stem juiciness trait evolved in sorghum. Understanding the underlying gene could could help breeders fine-tune this trait in sorghum and other important crops.

IEA predicts growth in global ethanol production through 2023
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 6:39 AM

The International Energy Agency released its Renewables 2018 market analysis on Oct. 8, predicting that fuel ethanol will account for two-thirds of the worldwide growth in conventional biofuels between 2018 and 2023.

New Hampshire delegation asks EPA to include biomass power in RFS
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 6:37 AM

New Hampshire’s congressional delegation is speaking out to urge the U.S. EPA to move forward with a proposed rule that would allow renewable electricity made from biomass that is used to fuel vehicles to quality for the Renewable Fuel Standard.

'Turbocharging' photosynthesis in corn hikes yield
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 6:35 AM

Scientists from the Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell University have boosted a carbon-craving enzyme called RuBisCO to turbocharge photosynthesis in corn. The discovery promises to be a key step in improving agricultural efficiency and yield.

UNICA: Increased sales of hydrous ethanol continue into September
Saturday, October 6, 2018 3:07 AM

UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, has announced mills in the south-central region of the country sold 962.32 million liters (254.22 million gallons) of hydrous ethanol during the first half of September.

NATSO Alternative Fuels Council launches RIN management service
Saturday, October 6, 2018 3:05 AM

NATSO Inc. and the Alternative Fuels Council recently launched a new RIN Management Service designed to help fuel retailers that blend and sell renewable fuels to more efficiently participate in the RFS program and manage their RINs.

Students tour ADM ethanol plant, learn about biofuel production
Saturday, October 6, 2018 3:03 AM

Twenty-two students from Marshall High School recently toured the ADM Corn Processing ethanol plant to get a better understanding of renewable fuel production. The tour was organized by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association.

RFA completes leadership transition, elects new chairman
Friday, October 5, 2018 6:43 AM

Geoff Cooper has formally taken over as president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, with Bob Dinneen transitioning to the role of senior strategic advisor. The RFA has also elected Pacific Ethanol CEO Neil Koehler as chairman of the board.

Pacific Ethanol inspires its employees to give back
Friday, October 5, 2018 6:40 AM

For Wayne Rylant, human resources manager at Pacific Ethanol, producing renewable fuel is just a small part of what Pacific Ethanol does. He’s proud of the company’s community service efforts. This year the company will donate 22,139 pounds of food.

Growth Energy asks congress to support year-round E15 in new ad
Friday, October 5, 2018 6:37 AM

Growth Energy has released a new television ad stressing the vital role ethanol plays in rural America’s economy and asking Congress to support making E15 year-round a reality.

USGC encourages use of US corn, DDGS for Alberta cattle
Friday, October 5, 2018 6:35 AM

More Canadian cattle feeders are well aware of the opportunity to feed U.S. corn and DDGS and are becoming more knowledgeable about pricing and logistics, in large part due to work completed by the U.S. Grains Council.

PNNL, Lanzatech team to make new jet fuel
Friday, October 5, 2018 6:33 AM

Carbon-rich pollution converted to a jet fuel powered a commercial flight for the first time Oct. 2. The Virgin Atlantic Airlines' flight from Orlando to London using a Boeing 747 ushered in a new era for low-carbon aviation.


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